About us

About Us

We are an international financial company engaged in investment activities, which are related to trading on financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges performed by qualified professional traders, which will make investment transparent and reliable.


A Richer Journey That

Leads to Success

Our goal is to provide our investors with a reliable source of high income, while minimizing any possible risks and offering a high-quality service, allowing to automate and simplify the relations between the investors and the trustees

For our clients

Our platform is designed for everybody. You can pick your own trading package and let our qualified professionals and automated system manage your investment for you. Chose from our array of 2 different trading packages and get started.

Stable Earnings
With a guaranteed
floating rate

There has been always a demand for quality investment services.
In an attempt to satisfy this demand, the idea of creating
Astro-invest company came up. Astro-invest is modern investment
company that combines the most advanced projects in its work.

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If you have any questions

We Have Answer

You will find answers to all your questions. For more information,
you can always contact our technical support on the site.

Astro-invest is open to cooperate with everyone. Any individual or corporation from any nation may open an account with us, and we are happy to accept investors from wherever on the planet.

No. Your investment, as well as your trust, is our core value. We will make every effort to protect your money and reduce the risk of loss to zero.

Each client can open and manage only one single account. Please observe this rule.